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Second lieutenant 2Lt 2-й лейтенант  
Lieutenant Lt Лейтенант A 2Lt or Lt was normally a platoon/troop level commander
Captain Capt Капитан A Captain was normally second in command (2IC) of a company/squadron
Major Maj Майор A Major was normally the Officer
a unit would be the unit 2IC.
Lieutenant-colonel Lt Col Подполковник A Lieutenant Colonel normally commanded a battalion/regiment and was known as the Commanding
Officer (CO).
Colonel Col Полковник  
Brigadier Brig Бригадир A Brigadier normally commanded a brigade and was known as the Brigade Commander
Major-general Maj Gen ген.-майор A Major General normally commanded a division and was known as the General Officer Commanding
Lieutenant-general Lt Gen ген.-лейтенант A Lieutenant General normally commanded a corps and was known as the Corps Commander
General Gen Генерал A General normally commanded an army and was known as the Commander-in-Chief (CinC).
Field Marshal FM Фельдмаршал The highest rank in the British Army, they were presented with a baton by the Sovereign as a symbol of
their rank.


Private Pte Рядовой  
Lance Corporal LCpl Мл. капрал  
Corporal Cpl Капрал  
Sergeant Sgt Сержант  
Staff-sergeant SSgt Штаб-сержант  
Warrant Officer Class 2 WOII Уоррент-офицер 2 класса  
Warrant Officer Class1 WOI Уоррент-офицер 1 класса  


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